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    Oil rig worker to take on Chevron over injuries


    Chevron will be heading to the courtroom over an accident on one of its Gulf of Mexico rigs last year.

    The Southeast Texas Record reports that Kennedy Tasker, a Louisiana oil rig worker, has filed a lawsuit against the oil giant for an incident that took place on March 22, 2014. According to the suit filed in Galveston on March 13, 2015, Tasker suffered a multitude of injuries while cutting a pipe. He had been instructed to cut the pipe in the process of demolishing a fire hydrant on a fixed platform.

    Tasker asserts that he was unaware the pipe was still filled with raw crude oil, which proceeded to coat him once he had puncture the pipe. To top it off, Tasker was then knocked down by heavy compressor clips. As a result, he sustained chemical burns to his skin and eyes, as well as back injuries.

    Shell will resume drilling off Alaska coast


    Royal Dutch Shell will resume drilling off Alaska after suspending operations for two years in the wake of an accident, the special US envoy to the Arctic said on Monday, but gave no details as to when.

    Shell has been moving oil rigs to Alaska as it awaits the green light from US authorities. It froze operations in 2013 after the grounding of a rig in Alaska prompted protests from environmental groups.

    "Clearly Shell and others will resume drilling and exploration up off the North Slope of Alaska," Admiral Robert Papp said in an interview during a visit to Canada.

    Labor Officials: Hundreds Of West Texas Oil Workers Underpaid


    Texas Public RadioViolations of fair labor standards have resulted in hundreds of oilfield workers in West Texas and New Mexico being underpaid by more than $1.3 million, according to a review by federal officials.

    Most of the violations involved improper payments of overtime. In some cases, employees didn’t receive an overtime premium because they were misclassified as independent contractors, according to the U.S. Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division.

    There were also instances of employers not paying for time spent working off-the-clock.

    Texas-5th-grade girl dies after fall from pump jack near Borger


    A Borger fifth-grader was killed in a fall from an oil field pump jack Saturday evening, authorities said.

    Keara Joelyn Brown, 11, suffered the fatal fall just before 6 p.m. Saturday near a residence in the Watkins Camp area of Hutchinson County northeast of Borger, said Capt. Jerry Langwell of the Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office.

    Other people were present when she fell, Langwell said, but her parents, Sara Triana and Andy Brown, of Borger, were not there at the time.

    British Columbia - Calfrac Employee Killed In Incident At Progress Energy Well Site


    An employee of Calfrac Well Services Ltd. was killed as a result of an accident that occurred in the early morning hours of March 11 at a Progress Energy well site about 175 kilometres northwest of Fort St. John.

    WorkSafe BC Senior Media Manager Trish Knight Chernecki said her office is investigating the incident, which she said took place about 12:40 a.m.

    Fort St. John RCMP and BC Coroners Service are also involved in the investigation, along with assessment teams from Calfrac and Progress.

    Oil Deaths Rise as Bakken Boom Fades


    Oil Deaths Rise as Bakken Boom Fades

    At least 38 oil-field fatalities occurred nationally in five months; the ‘most dangerous’ job in America

    At least eight workers have died since October in North Dakota’s oil fields, more than in the preceding 12 months combined.

    Get ready for oil deals: shale is going on sale


    A decision by Whiting Petroleum Corp., the largest producer in North Dakota’s Bakken shale basin, to put itself up for sale looks to be the first tremor in a potential wave of consolidation as $50-a-barrel prices undercut companies with heavy debt and high costs.

    For the first time since wildcatters such as Harold Hamm of Continental Resources Inc. began extracting significant amounts of oil from shale formations, acquisition prospects from Texas to the Great Plains are looking less expensive.

    Buyers are ultimately after reserves, the amount of oil a company has in the ground based on its drilling acreage. The value of about 75 shale-focused U.S. producers based on their reserves fell by a median of 25 percent by the end of 2014 compared to 2013, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. That’s opening up new opportunities for bigger companies with a better handle on their debt, said William Arnold, a former executive at Royal Dutch Shell Plc.

    Canada-Laid off oilfield workers stranded at remote work camp


    A group of sub-contractors at a remote worksite located north of Fort McMurray were stranded Tuesday, after they were laid-off, then told to find their own way home.

    CTV News has learned that about 25 sub-contractors were stranded at the Canadian National Resources Horizon Site Wednesday, after they were laid off Tuesday evening.

    “To treat people like that, you know, it isn’t fair,” A laid-off worker, who did not wish to be identified, told CTV News.

    New Mexico-1 killed, 1 injured in Lea County oilfield explosion


    The Lea County Sheriff's Office responded to southern Lea County regarding an explosion, while enroute we were informed there were several serious injuries. Upon arrival to the area off of NM128 and Orla Rd, they discovered one of the workers on the site was deceased (James, Rusty Harrison in his early 40’s) as a result of the explosion.  One other worker (Tyler Winter’s in his middle 20’s) had sustained injuries to his chest, torso and right leg and he was air lifted to Lubbock for treatment.

    The initial information received indicated the workers were loading oil field related materials into perforated pipe which was being installed into the drilling pipe; when an explosion occurred.  This was reported to cause metal and shrapnel to enter into several the victims. There was no fire at the scene as a result of the explosion.

    Midland Texas-Rig Explosion Kills 3 Workers


    Oil Well ExplosionOn Tuesday morning, some kind of oil rig explosion happened in north Upton County off of FM 2401. The Upton County Sheriff's office tells NewsWest 9, three people died. Although officials have not released the names, family members told NewsWest 9 Rojelio Salgado, Arturo Martinez Sr. and Arturo Martinez Jr. were killed. 

    We're told all three men were related. Officials say there was a fourth man on site but he was not transported. They were all working for Mason, a pulling unit company, that was contracted by Parsley Energy.    "Right now everything is in the preliminary stages. We don't know exactly what happened. We don't know what caused the explosion," Dusty Kilgore, Investigator with the Upton County Sheriff's Office, said.

    OSHA is expected to arrive but the investigation will be at stand still until it's safe for officials to be on site. "Right now, the scene is unsafe for anyone to be on there besides fire department crew. As soon as some safety crews from another oilfield company get here to make sure it's safe to get on location then we'll finish the investigation," Kilgore said.

    Texas-Oilfield Employer Shot, Killed During Salary Fight


    Texas-Oilfield Employer Shot, Killed During Salary Fight

    Deputies are investigating a deadly shooting which occurred at an oilfield work yard south of San Antonio in Atascosa County Thursday morning

    Investigators arrived at the scene before 11a.m. off I-37 and FM 536.

    Oklahoma-1 Killed In Salt Water Disposal Well Explosion


    Disposal Well Explosion

    The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has reported there was a tank explosion at the Cheyenne Salt Water Disposal well south of Cheyenne Oklahoma. The disposal well is owned owned Overflow Energy  of Texas.

    One man was found dead after the explosion Friday

    SandRidge cutting rig count by almost 75 percent


     U.S. oil and gas producer SandRidge Energy Inc (SD.N) plans to slash its rig count in Oklahoma and Kansas by nearly 75 percent, according to a document obtained by Reuters. 

    The cuts, to be implemented through early April, may amount to what is arguably the most significant pullback in well drilling by a publicly traded shale oil company since crude prices started a 50 percent slide in June. 

    The document shows SandRidge plans to cut the number of rigs drilling in the Mississippi Lime formation in northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas in March and early April to eight, from 28. In November, the company told investors it had about 30 rigs running.

    North Dakota - Oil workers see cuts as prices slump


    Oilfield Meeting

    Ahmed Osman recently worked 16-hour days hauling water and sand used to frack oil and gas wells in western North Dakota.

    But Osman now sees mostly eight-hour days as companies in the Bakken respond to low oil prices by cutting operations.

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    03/27/15 03:35:56PM @drilling-ahead:

    Rest In Peace Jim

    Wayne Nash
    03/22/15 09:25:55AM @wayne-nash:

    Don't confuse derrick capacity with hook load.  Derrick capacity is max, but it will be reduced by stringing up to less than max lines.  The weak point is single line pull, or anchor.  That gives you hook load. For instance, If you pulled max derrick capacity on a 8 line string up, on a 12 line rig, you wouldn't crater the derrick, more likely, you would part the drill line, or run out of horsepower.

    03/22/15 06:45:31AM @wilfred-kwaku-turkson:

     looking for an oil field job. even if its an entry position i would not mind.

    02/02/15 02:15:47PM @drilling-ahead:


    carl oetken
    12/24/14 11:48:20AM @carl-oetken:

    i hope your life has improved since your original post. being a directional driller in this business, i look into the women's posts to help my relationship with my wife, so i apologize for being "nosy". i have worked all over the world, and the opportunity to cheat has been literally thrown at me quite a few times. knowing my wife would never find out since i was 4000-7000 miles from home, i always said to myself that "i would always know." being raised in and having a christian faith helped me always say "no" when the opportunity was presented to me. upstanding morals, ethics, and personal integrity are not cool attributes to possess anymore. i have met, and still meet to this day, both women and men whose morals are questionable at best. it's sad your husband did this to you. my first wife cheated on me, so i know your pain first hand. take the high road. karma is a sonofagun, as my first wife has now found out with her soon to be ex-husband who she cheated on me with, that he cheated on her with another woman. live your life as you would want your kids to remember you...not cursing too much, not an emotional roller coaster, and leading life as an example to be followed. sorry to intrude on your girls' forum.

    Donald Callaway
    12/23/14 08:20:24PM @donald-callaway:
    Brian I just joined Drilling ahead and just getting used to navigate, I have been in the business since 1973 drilling to whipstocks to safety. What your background?
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